Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Spreading the word

I designed a manifesto using the text Sarah and I had come up with earlier. The layouts contain the 'Four P's' we have appropriated from the Craftifesto, which we adapted to fit with our own form of craftiness. We then placed it in a craft environment and a design environment so our message was spread to both designers and craftspeople;

Quilty Goodness

Using the squares the children made, Sarah sewed together a quilt. Then she isolated a section/element of each square and embroidered it to form a new quilt designed from the crafted quilt. We hung the two together on my washing line to bask in their quilted glory.

We've been busy

We're all about the workshops - we set up an activity day at St Mary's Primary School in Walthamstow. We asked the kids to design something first, on scrap paper taped to the floor, which they would then craft onto a square of fabric using bits and bobs.
This worked really well, we actually got a four-year-old to realise the worth in designing something before you make it. However, as Danny (aged 6) puts it; "it's not too bad if you don't draw it first, because the picture is still in your head."
We stuck the squares up as they completed them, forming an improvised quilt.